Billy Collins Model Poem

Clechè (my life is like….)

My life is like climbing a mountain.
Its open to anyone who need a challenge
But, not everyone makes it.

It may start to get hard at times,
But I keep trying.
They say in life there are going to be bumps in your way,
Than getting to where tou want to.
They say you can do it and become what you want
But you have to work hard for it.

In the end it’s worth a climb.
The more work you put into things
The better the result.
You get to enjoy the beautiful view at the end.

Insanity (free verse poem)

Not knowing what to do.
Cant tell the difference between right or wrong.
The urge to do somthing you couldnt do before,
But now you want it more than ever.
Eliminate the ones in your way.
A key thing to remember is to get the main one.
You want it. Go for it. Hes there now.
Approach him!
Go, now’s your chance before its too late!….

You did it. Congratulations.
You look down to see the knife dripping along your hand.
You see the innocence in him taken away.
You get up, quickly.

Congratulations.  You made it.
You made it to the world,
Of Insanity.

Go, go on and celebrate
Tonight’s killing, get plenty of rest
For tomarrow’s streak kill
You’ll need it

Petrarchan Sonnet

You have the urge
To want, to have somthing
You cant. You’re on the verge
To do sonthing different, Young
And old. Youll get it. You learned
From the past, you’ve seen, you’ve
Hurt before. You’ve spoken and heard
Things you want. Your stuck on a string.

But you lure
And end up with nothing.
Too bad you couldnt be sure
Too bad you couldn’t cling
Onto something close and pure.

Triggering Town

She waits
And waits, for the one to come.
She passes that house.
She used to have a childhood
In the house.

All was lost, gone
Gone into a spiraling hole to
No where. Yet she wonders
“How could he?”

She sits in her porch.
Day dreaming of that day.
She dreams of what she could have done
To let an angel live.

She goes. She walks
Hand in hand with her mother.
They pass the house together.
Her mother smiles.
“It wasnt your fault”
She tells her daughter.

"I tried mother!" The daugher screams but its too late

All hope is lost,
As she passes the house.

Family Poem

I Love Her.
She was there for me and my sister.
The only one to take care of us. Til the day we were born to the day she felt ill.
I dont know why she suddenly broke down. She was fine that day. I keep habing a feeling its all my fault.
I stressed her out to much. Im sorry.
I , my family, visits you in the nursing home. You are fine but it hurts me knowing that you cant talk or move half of your body even though you try your hardest. Im sorry.
Im sorry for my mistakes but I want you to know that I love you and thank you for everything.

Love Poem

His green eyes shimmer in the sun.
His hair flops perfectly on top of his head.
He has the voice of an angel.
Hes not the best dancer, but he danced his way into my heart,
And in there, all of him, and all of his secrets he’s told me full of emotion.

Hes escaped. He left me,
Isolated and afraid. How could he?
We had everything, but now, its gone.

It seems you admire her more than you ever did me.
“Please be gentle with him” I whisper to the winds.
“You’re holding my world in your arms”

A tear slipped out.
A stain that will become a river of memories.

Tom Wayman Model Poem

Spoken.                 Heard.

You’ve Spoken the truth.
But rhe truth hurts. Its
Only funny when it’s not you.

You’ve Heard things that werent meant to be heard by the young.
You’ve heard heart shattering things.

You’ve Spoken your opinion.
No one asks but you give it  a go.
Still no one cares.

You’ve Heard  others opinions.
What others say is quite interesting,  but
You dont say much.

You’ve Spoken lies.
Things only false, to hurt others
To make you feel good.

You’ve Heard the truth.
Spoken by others.
They’ve had enough.

Ruth Forman Model Poem

Poetry should…..

Poetry should help people.
The flow of the rhythm
Should be able to save lives.

Poetry should be able
To make you do something
Youve never done before.

Poetry should be a councler.
It should be able to
Help you out if you need advice.

Poetry should be a
Safe haven. It should
Make you feel like you
Have a second home.

Poetry should be
Easy.  Its not hard to
Understand, just feel it.